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2018 PAME Abstracts

#1, Impact of Severe Rare Childhood Epilepsy on Siblings: Fear of Death in Siblings of Children with Severe Epilepsy, Bailey, L., Gammaitoni, A., Galer, B., Schwartz, L., Schad, C.

#2, Deficient Compensation for Seizure-Induced Cardiorespiratory Distress by the Periaqueductal Gray (PAG) May Be Critical for Seizure-Induced Death in the DBA/1 Mouse Model of SUDEP, Faingold, C., Tupal, S., Kommajosyula, S. 

#3, A Systematic Review of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) in Childhood, Abdel-mannan, O., Taylor, H., Donner, E., Sutcliffe, A. 

#4, Study of Epileptic Seizure and Mortality in Patients with MELAS, Zhao, X., Yang, X., Lhatoo, S.

#5, Nocturnal supervision and SUDEP risk at different epilepsy care settings, van der Lende, M., Hesdorffer, D., Sander, L., Thijs, R. 

#6, Ictal autonomic changes as a tool for seizure detection devices, van Westrhenen, A., Lazeron, R., Thijs, R.

#7, Knowledge and attitudes among epilepsy health care providers about sudden death in epilepsy in Mulago Hospital, Uganda. A Pilot study, Kaddumukasa, M., Mwesiga, E., Sewankambo, N., Blixen, C., Lhatoo, S., Katabira, E., Sajatovic, M. 

#8, Cardiac Arrhythmias in Dravet Syndrome: an observational, multicentre study, Shmuely, S., Surges, R., Cross, H., Gunning, B., Tan, H., Brilstra, E., Verhoeven, J., Helling, R., Sander, L., Thijs, R.

#9, Cerebral Tissue Oximetry in Patients with Epileptic Seizures, Moseley, B., Privitera, M.

#10, Altered cardiac structure and function in an animal model of acquired epilepsy, Powell, K., Braine, E., Curl, C., Antonia, R., Delbridge, L., O'Brien, T.

#11, Peri-ictal breathing dysfunction in generalized convulsive seizures, Vilella, L., Lacuey, N., Hampson, J., Sanju, R., Gehlbach, B., Richerson, G., Friedman, D., Devinsky, O., Zony, B., Hupp, N., Zaremba, A., Rani, M., Shafiabadi, N., Zhao, X., Reick-Mitrisin, V., Strohl, K., Schuele, S., Nei, M., Harper, R., Scott, C., Diehl, B., Bateman, L., Ryvlin, P., Lhatoo, S.

#12, The North American SUDEP Registry (NASR): Preliminary Descriptive Analysis of SUDEP Cases, Hussain, C., Verducci, C., Friedman, D., Devinsky, O.

#13, SUDEP in Children: A Canadian Population-Based Registry, Whitney, R., Keller, A., Li, S., Pollanen, M., Donner, E.

#14, Mice lacking 5-HT2C receptors display a novel adult-onset SUDEP phenotype with four seizure types, Massey, C., Noebels, J. 

#15, EEG suppression following induced seizures in mice can be reduced with serotonergic manipulations, Petrucci, A., Buchanan, G. 

#16, Interictal CO2 chemosensitivity correlates with severity of hypercapnia after generalized tonic-clonic seizures, Sanju, R., Dragon, D., Winnike, H., Granner, M., Gehlbach, B., Richerson, G.

#17, National Surveillance of Mortality in Children with Epilepsy in the UK and Ireland, Abdel-mannan, O., Sutcliffe, A.

#18, Seizure-related brainstem spreading depolarization in SUDEP-prone Cacna1aS218L mice, Jansen, N., Schenke, M., van den Maagdenberg, A., Tolner, E. 

#19, Creating a Comprehensive Suicide Safety Plan: Lessons From the HOBSCOTCH II Study, Streltzov, N., Schmidt, S., Schommer, L., Secore, K., Henninger, H., Chu, F., Nagle, K., Jobst, B.

#20, Respiratory abnormalities in the Kcna1-null mouse model of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), DHAIBAR, H., Gautier, N., Glasscock, E. 

#21, Characterization of child neurologists’ practices of discussing SUDEP with epilepsy patients and their families, Keller, A., Whitney, R., Donner, E. 

#22, Evaluation of the Serotonin Receptor Subtype(s) That Mediate the Action of Fenfluramine to Block Seizure-Induced Sudden Death in the DBA/1 Mouse Model of SUDEP, Tupal, C., Faingold, C.

#23, The incidence and severity of calcified cardiac lesions are dependent on the number of generalized seizures in the DBA/1 mouse model of SUDEP, Feng, H., Zhao, H., Schoen, F., Schachter, S.

#24, Drowning in Epilepsy: A Population-Based Case Series, Donner, E., Bain, E., Ho, J., Whitney, R., Pollanen, M., Williams, A., Keller, A. 

#25, NORSE and Super-Refractory Status Epilepticus Mortality: A Single-Center Retrospective Chart Review, Rezayee, M., Nguyen, M., Kellogg, M. 

#26, Potential SUDEP Detection using Open-Source Hardware, McKeown, S.

#27, Performance assessment of Embrace, the first FDA approved smartwatch for convulsive seizure detection, Lai, G., Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Tognetti, S., Onorati, F., Picard, R.

#28, Epilog | Wearable Seizure Diary, West, M., Elwood, M., Wheeler, J., Fisher, J., Lingstuyl, R., Morrison, J., Frankel, M., Lehmkuhle, M.

#29, Long-term surface electromyography (sEMG) seizure monitoring in the home, Whitmire, L., Voyles, S., Cardenas, D.

#30, Prolonged impairment of cardiorespiratory function following tonic-clonic seizures, Sivathamboo, S., Thilliez, E., Constantino, T., Loneragan, S., Pastorello, N., Mouzakis, K., Vasa, R., Velakoulis, D., Sparks, P., Goldin, J., Chen, Z., Jones, N., Kwan, P., O'Brien, T., Perucca, P.

#31, Simultaneous Cardiac and Respiratory Inhibition During Seizure Precedes Death in the DBA/1J Audiogenic Mouse Model of SUDEP, Schilling, W., McGrath, M., Glazebrook, P., Yang, T., Faingold, C., Kunze, D. 

#32, The amygdala is required for peri-ictal respiratory dysfunction and SUDEP in DBA/1 and Scn1aR1407X/+ mice., Bravo, E., Marincovich, A., Kim, Y., Massey, C., Dlouhy, B., Richerson, G.

#33, Differences in SUDEP Identification among Neurologists and Pathologists, Ho, J., Keller, A., Whitney, R., Pollanen, M., Donner, E. 

#34, Evolution of Seizure Clusters during EMU Admissions, Reick-Mitrisin, V., Bertran, L., Hupp, N., Shafiabadi, N., Zhao, X., Lhatoo, S.

#35, Cell-type specific contributions to epilepsy and sudden death in Leigh Syndrome, Bard, A., Bolea, I., Sahai, N., Ramirez, J., Quintana, A., Kalume, F.

#36, Effect of the ketogenic diet on monoamine levels in the mouse brain, Teran, F., Kim, Y., Richerson, G. 

#37, Increased Arrhythmogenic Potential and Long Term Mortality in Mice Following Status Epilepticus, Levine, A., Dao, A., Lai, Y., Larson, S., Anderson, A. 

#38, Structural abnormalities in the autonomic network beyond the brainstem in focal epilepsy, Mueller, S., Knowlton, R., Laxer, K. 

#39, Suicidality in Epilepsy: a Disease Specific Model, Schommer, L., Bujarski, K., Streltzov, N., Andrew, A. 

#40, Critical Care Nursing Considerations for the Patient with New Onset Refractory Seizures, Moreda, M.